Snow Guard Gen 2



Our innovation was inspired by our customer’s need for better


Were designed out of a need for finding “the right tool for the job.”. There are a limited number of good choices in the sea of options. When you are spending money to keep snow off your gutters, shrubs, and HVAC equipment, you want to like what you are installing.  Once you’ve installed Stand-Guard Snow Guards, you can enjoy looking up, and never look back. . .

The right tool for the right job

Our patented snow guard system is designed as a preventative measure from damaging winter weather.

Your metal roof is beautiful and functional. Our product is designed to meet your needs of snow retention, while retaining the look of your investment. Whether you own a historical home or a modern structure, our snow guards will not detract from the design aesthetic you have chosen.

Once you have installed Stand-Guard Snow Guards you can rest easy with your investment.

“In designing and building my own house, I could not find a means of snow retention that suited my needs. My requirements were cost, aesthetic and function. Of all the materials that go into building a home, snow guards were the one item unavailable to meet all those needs. Either they were too expensive, inappropriate to the design of the home, or extremely difficult to install. Seeing a lack in the market, I designed these snow guards to meet my own needs. In doing so, I have been able to expand to meet the needs of other metal roof systems.”

-Christian McIntosh, owner/designer


Standing seam metal roofing owners have always had a need for color match and structural solidarity in Snow Guards.  Standing seam metal roofs are made to look the best, and last the longest, so let us keep it that way while protecting what is below the eaves.

  • s-5_standard_logo_rgb-01_registeredEasier to install
  • 24 Gauge Galvalume
  • Color matched powder coating
  • Finished look
  • Cost saving
  • Patented system
  • Endorsed by Contractors, Customers, Architects, and Builders
  • We use S-5 fasteners to secure our rail system. Any roof system S-5 has a fastener for we can attach our system to.


  • "Standing seam metal roofing owners have always have a need for color match and structural solidarity in snow guards. Stand-Guard Snow Guard has designed and patented their own solution for residential, commercial, and industrial building owners and homeowners. Roofing contractors can see the value of its uniquely subtle appearance. Stand-Guard Snow Guards do not take away from the architectural design that homeowners and designers work hard to achieve, and do not complicate the look and function of a metal roof. Standing seam metal roofs are made to look the best and last the longest, and now contractors and homeowners can keep them that way while protecting what is below the eaves."

    Western Roofing Insulation and Siding Magazine
  • "With over 20 years in residential, commercial and industrial construction experience, Stand-Guard Snow Guards owner, Christian McIntosh, strives to serve his customers and meet their every need. McIntosh has been in and around the construction industry his entire life and has a Class A builder, master electrician, HVAC technician, and commercial maintenance professional, he is constantly challenged with solving problems within the industry for hist customers."

    Architectural West
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